24 July 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new web application — Data on COVID-19. Please visit it at This web application was jointly developed by the research teams led by Professor Helen Meng at Stanley Ho Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Samuel Yeung-shan Wong and Professor Kin On Kwok at The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It collects respiratory data for studying diseases such as COVID-19 to help us understand and fight against them.  

23 June 2020

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27-29 March 2020

MIT HealthHACK is back! 

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[Application Deadline: 6 March 2020]

7-8 September 2019

Invited talk at Taihe Civilisations Forum 2019, Beijing Sep 7-8, 2019.  Talk entitled “AI Governance: On Regulation, Competition and Collaboration” 

17 July 2019

3大學獲研資局5000萬撥款 研AI篩查認知障礙症患者


3 June 2019

Professor Helen Meng presented on the topic “Artificial Intelligence in Speaking and Listening for Learning and Well-Being” in the fifth lecture of “The Pursuit of Wisdom” Public Lecture Series to celebrate the 55th anniversary of CUHK.


22 April 2019


了解認知障礙症 自行測試有辦法!






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1) 黃沛霖教授 (香港中文大學內科及藥物治療學系研究助理教授及註冊臨床心理學家)

2) 蔡錦輝教授 (香港中文大學賽馬會公共衛生及基層醫療學院研究副教授)

29 January 2019

International Symposium on Digital Health 2019

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We are pleased to invite you to join ISDH 2019, which will be held from 29th May to 2nd June 2019 in Hong Kong. Digital Health has been steadily gaining attention as a relatively new field for improving public health due to recent technological advancements. Many healthcare applications and insights have emerged, especially by harvesting the strengths of big data or machine learning. As such, this symposium strives to promote interdisciplinary research on Digital Health by bringing experts from both healthcare and engineering sectors together to share their innovations on different aspects of the field, including eHealth, mHealth and other emerging areas such as big data and artificial intelligence.

22 January 2019

Professor Helen Meng attended Hong Kong Shue Yan University's "Big Data Driven Communication" as keynote speaker


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