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(1) Air Pollution and Health-- undertaken by an interdisciplinary research team from Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Science and the School of Public Health and Primary Care.  We organize ourselves into three working groups:


(i) Group 1: Research on Environment and Health (led by Professor Gabriel LAU)

Members: Prof. Helen MENG, Prof. Bo HUANG , Prof. Steve YIM, Prof. Ignatius YU, Prof. Linwei TIAN, Prof. Kelvin TSOI


(ii) Group 2: Research on Environmental Exposure Matrix (led by Professor Ignatius YU)

Members: Prof. Helen MENG, Prof. Yee LEUNG, Prof. Steve YIM, Prof. Kin-Fai HO, Prof. Linwei TIAN, Prof. Kelvin TSOI


(iii) Group 3:  Research on Air Pollutant Device (led by Professor Helen MENG)

Members: Prof. Steve YIM, Prof. Ignatius YU, Prof. Kin-Fai HO, Prof. Kelvin TSOI


(2) 10 Projects were successfully awarded the Microsoft Regional Seed Grant 2013, under the "Big Data" umbrella:


(i)    Optimization models in big data analytics: Efficient algorithms with provable guarantees (PI: Professor Anthony SO)

(ii)   Acoustic, phonetic and linguistic analysis of problematic speech (Co-PIs Professor Helen MENG and Professor Tan LEE)

(iii)  Scalable learning of user’s reputation and trust relations with social media (PI: Professor Irwin KING)

(iv)  A scalable system for managing and analyzing big graph data (PI: Professor James CHENG)

(v)   Random walk on large graphs: mathematical theory, distributed algorithms and applications of big data in online social
       networks (PI: Professor John LUI)

(vi)  Modeling and exploiting user-generated information in big data (PI: Professor Michael LYU)

(vii) Indoor TV white space: measurement and prototype system design (PI: Professor Minghua CHEN)

(viii)Toward efficient and dependable big data Storage: a study of erasure coding in solid-state drives (PI: Professor Patrick LEE)

(iX)  Optimal point of interest routing in a urban environment (PI: Professor Hong CHENG)

(X)   Back to the future:  sense-and-respond public transit for historic urban centres (PI: Professor Janny LEUNG)


(3) Completed Project:

​​Cardiovascular mortality in hypertensive patients newly prescribed perindopril vs. lisinopril: a 5-year cohort study of 15,622 Chinese subjects  (PI: Professor Kelvin TSOI)