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Team members and Affiliates

Professor Helen MENG

Director and Professor
Research Interests:   
 *  Big Data Decision Analytics
*  Multilingual Speech and Language Processing
*  Multibiometric Authentication
*  Multimedia Content Retrieval
*  Multimodal Human-Computer Interactions

Professor Kelvin KF TSOI

Associate Professor
Research Interests

 *  Non-communicable Diseases on Ageing Population

 *  Digital Analytics for Behavioural Health 

 *  Machine Learning Application for Medical Research

 *  Interdisciplinary research on Healthcare System


Professor YIM Hung Lam Steve

Associate Professor
Research Interests

 *  Regional and Urban Air Quality
 *  Air pollutant exposure
 *  Urban Climatology
 *  Climate-air quality Interactions


(852) 3943 6534



Dr. WONG Hei Sunny      

Associate Professor

Research Interests

* Host-microbiome interaction in human diseases

* Clostridioides difficile infection

* Colorectal cancer screening


Dr. GONG Xianmin

Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests

*  Psychology of aging and adulthood development

*  Goal and motivation

*  Emotion and cognition

*  Neuroimaging (EEG/ERP, fMRI)


I am currently working on the theme-based research project “Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Extraction and Identification of Spoken Language Biomarkers for Screening and Monitoring of Neurocognitive Disorders.” I am responsible for the fMRI part of this project.

Baker BAT   

Assistant Computer Officer

Working on the Community eHealth Care Project. He provides information and communication technology support and is responsible for the development of electronic version of the wellbeing survey which empowers elderly to build self-management habits. In addition, Baker is working on research related to smart home technology for elderly cares. Smart home for elderly comprises varies technologies and devices such as sensors, wireless network, health monitoring devices etc. to support elderly to be cared better and live safely. Big data analytics can be applied to the data gather from smart home to understand the health status of the elderly.

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Research Associate
Working on the development of New BDDAx, the development of a Housekeeping system for student helpers task, the development of software application layer between bluetooth device and Mobile Device, retrieving the KMB data, and maintainence and system administration of BDDAx server, server for hosting serveral virutal machine images which are for various projects NAS, Microsoft Band 1 and Band 2.

(852) 3943 9594